5 reasons why you should have a PayPal account

PayPalApp2Even if you don’t sell stuff online, having a PayPal account can save you time and aggravation. Once you have one, you can buy things online more securely and exchange money with friends in seconds. Here are five reasons we believe everyone should have a PayPal account.

1. It’s FREE

Who can argue with FREE? There’s no catch. PayPal makes money on the money in your account, like any bank, and by charging transaction fees for online sellers of goods and services. If you are not an online seller, there’s no cost to you.


All you need is an email address or mobile phone number to transfer money almost anywhere in the world. Let’s say you are out to lunch with your friends or coworkers, and one of them forgot cash at a cash-only restaurant. You have spare cash, so you fork up some for them. Now you are stuck being a nag for the next 3 days to get them to repay you, because they are always the one to forget. Instead, now that you both have PayPal accounts and the app on your phones, they can instantly send you the amount they owe. There is no need to feel uncomfortable asking for your money back.

And, the next time YOU are the one that forgets cash, you can send the money to them instantly. The only thing you need to do is connect your savings or checking account to your PayPal wallet, so it can withdraw what it needs to pay your friend.

3. It’s FAST

Pay with a few clicks. Not only can you exchange money between friends and family quickly, but it also makes checking out at many online stores a cinch. There’s no need to enter all of your financial information over and over again on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You simply log in with your email and password and pay. It’s that easy. All you have to do is connect one or more credit cards to your PayPal wallet. It even lets you select which card to use at checkout.

4. It’s SECURE

Connect multiple payment methods. Safely link up your bank account and credit cards so you don’t get stuck re-entering your card details multiple times. When you pay for goods or services, they automatically protect eligible transactions and claim to use the latest anti-fraud technology.

5. It’s SMART

Many ways to pay and collect money. If you own a small business, there are many free tools to use. Easily collect money at your jewelry parties by swiping credit cards using a FREE PayPal Here device on your phone or tablet, take advantage of email invoicing to bill your clients, or collect funds online by establishing a link you can share on your site. That’s all in addition to their iOS and Android apps.

If you find yourself exchanging money with friends or family members, start simplifying your life and go to to sign up.