A recent cluster of thefts throughout the township puts residents on high alert

DoorLockAll over the township, there has been an increase in auto thefts and home burglaries. Some were a result of unlocked doors, windows, or cars. The Springfield Township Police Department is urging all residents to be more alert and follow these tips:

Automobile Security

Keep automobile windows closed and doors locked even if the vehicle is parked in your driveway or in front of your home. Do not store valuables in the car. If you must leave items in your car or truck, please be sure that they are out of sight and in the trunk if possible.

Home Security

Maintain home security by locking all doors and windows, particularly those on the ground level. Be sure to prune any trees that might provide access to a second floor window or door. Lock all ladders in your garage or tool shed. Do not place purses, money, jewelry, small computer equipment or other valuables in plain view of a door or window.

Social Media

Do not post on social media your daily schedule or activities, or let others know about your weekend or vacation plans. Refrain from posting vacation pictures until you have returned home from your trip.

Protect your neighborhood

Be a good neighbor and call the police department at any time if you see something out of the ordinary or suspicious in your neighborhood. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.