A Solution for Hard Water in the Dishwasher

LemiShineBooster2Got hard water?

Springfield Township, and most of Montgomery County, struggles with hard water wreaking havoc on our appliances, especially our dishwashers. Our 1-year old dishwasher developed a white film, which covered every inch of the inside. Plus, it was failing to clean our dishes well.

We found a solution, but it wasn’t easy. We tried everything. We went the natural route with vinegar all the way up to the more expensive finishing washes. However, none of them worked as well as Lemi Shine Detergent Booster. Even a tiny amount seems to punish hard water stains and leave you dishes streak-free.

Lemi Shine Booster

Run Lemi Shine in your empty dishwasher and you will be really impressed with the results. The white film will be gone and the new shiny sparkle will glisten like new. Now we just put a very small amount in with our regular detergent every 3 or 4 washes and the dishes come out perfect. We highly recommend this product for others with similar hard water problems.

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We have no affiliation with Lemi Shine, nor were we compensated. We just wanted to share a helpful product with others.