About Us

Founded in September 2013, Everyday Springfield delivers useful information to residents of Springfield Township, Montgomery Co., PA.

We provide…



We keep you up to date with news and information relevant to Springfield residents.


See what's going on in your own backyard by visiting our events calendar. Get a quick view of upcoming events on our front page.


Support quality local businesses offering a wide variety of goods and services. Many of them have deals specific for Everyday Springfield visitors.

Get to Know

Interviews with the great people of Springfield township. They are the ones that help make this a great place to live.


Save money by shopping locally. Our advertisers offer everyday deals to Everyday Springfield visitors.


Our compilation of helpful online resources for Springfield residents.


Rather stick to Facebook? Connect with us and get your updates that way.

We are…

a couple of busy parents who love living in Springfield Township. We do our best to collect and share information pertinent to those living in the area
a medium for local businesses to showcase themselves. We highlight those that respect residents and offer good products or services
facilitators for community involvement. If you want to start a running club, a mom’s group, or a social meeting (just to name a few), we’ll do our best to help you
supporters of community service. Therefore, we allow non-profits to advertise a few of their major events for FREE
huge fans of all things fun (sports, music, socializing, family activities)
in love with the huge trees that make up the canopy of Springfield Township
…PENN STATE! Just kidding…we’re actually graduates of St. Joseph’s University and Gettysburg College, who also have Master’s degrees

We are NOT…

affiliated with the township, but partner with residents, township officials and employees to share information with residents
fans of complaining. If you are unhappy with something on the site, send us a useful suggestion to make it better.
in favor of any political party. We profile all kinds of people, businesses, and elected officials. When it comes to elected officials, want to see the best, effective people elected. We feel those are officials that get things done which benefit township residents.


1269900_1404493699777210_1812886404_oNicole Grabus, aka The Brains, is a private tutor, former teacher, mom and “spectacular cook” (according to her husband). In case you ever need to bribe or win her over, there are a few things she can’t resist: a really good cup of coffee, anything chocolate, expensive red wine, and since living in Hawaii—a gorgeous ocean view!

Scott Grabus, aka The Brawn, is a software developer, dad, former football player, movie-lover and pickle-jar-opener. In his spare time, you can find him singing loudly in his car, jogging around Springfield, towing his kids around in the bike trailer, or fixing something at home.