Concerns Over Development in Springfield’s Panhandle

The section of our Township called the Springfield Panhandle faces a re-zoning proposal for a key property called the Tecce tract. Its owner, Mr. Fred Tecce, has submitted a proposal to rezone part of the property from residential to institutional, which may impact the amount of township open space…


Amy Ambler – Local Librarian

Amy Ambler is not only the children’s librarian at the Free Library of Springfield Township, but she is also a baseball-lover, Harry Potter geek, and children’s literacy advocate, who no longer takes indoor plumbing for granted…


Bob Gillies – Township Commissioner

Bob is the third commissioner in our Get to Know section. He is a family man who loves to travel the United States. He’s checked off 39 of the 50 states and loves his home state the most. Bob not only considers current residents, but also takes the long view when it comes to township […]


Use Your Recyclebank Points for a Good Cause

Help students from Erdenheim Elementary and Springfield Middle School reach their project goals. The Recyclebank Green Schools Program empowers children to understand their impact on the environment and to take action.


East Mill Road Opening Early

Following a four-month construction project to replace the bridge over the Sunnybrook Creek, East Mill Road, between Church Road and Bethlehem Pike, will be re-opened to motor vehicle traffic beginning Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 3 PM.


Jeff Harbison – Township Commissioner

Jeff is the second commissioner in our Get to Know profile section. He has a very interesting background. He narrowly escaped Guerillas in Panama, and lived in a Hawaiian volcano. These past experiences give him a unique perspective on township issues. By the way, HE LIVED IN A VOLCANO!