Cathie Cashman – Commissioner Candidate

© 2015 - www.chorusphotography.comCathie Cashman is a outgoing, friendly person who loves organizing involvement in this community. She helped start the Proud Parent movement in Springfield, and is now stepping up to run for Township Commissioner of Ward 3.

As voters, get to know Cathie and what she is about. Below are questions we asked of her:

What are some of your accomplishments within the community?

I’m one of the founding members of the Proud Parents Movement, It’s not so much the Facebook page, that has really taken on a life of its own. I’m talking about when we organized and informed the community about the state of affairs at the school board level. We made a real difference. Not only in electing a new board but illustrating to the general public that every vote matters. That it is important at the local level to really know the candidate you are voting for. Voting straight party isn’t always the way to go. The lines at the election polls were really something and seeing people show up with our letters and sample ballots that we had mailed out. It was really great.

Why do you think you would make a good commissioner?

I want people to vote for me because I am passionate about this community. I hate writing down answers to this question because I feel no matter what I write – if you don’t already know me – I sound like a typical politician! The truth is this is a position that isn’t about money or status; it is only about serving the community. I recognize many will read this and not understand, but it’s true. This town is my home, my husband spent all of his life here, it’s where our kids grew up (one still in process). I want to make sure that the right person is carrying this town into the future with genuine goals of prosperity. The only horse I have in this race is the people of Oreland. I have no standing relationships that need tending to, I am willing to come to the table knowing that I have been put there by the people of Ward 3 and it is their interests that I am to represent. We need to keep Oreland the wonderful place it is. I am absolutely, positively community-minded. I’ve proven that with my involvement over the years and even if I’m not elected, that will not change.

Why should people vote for you?

I think it is time for a change. Communication and transparency is paramount at all levels. I don’t believe a commissioner is a position that has to be vocal and visible all the time but I do think the position should be someone that is available and responsive. I will make it a point to send out a quarterly newsletter to Ward 3. While I would look to highlight what has transpired in the previous months, I would also advise of upcoming activity. I would make sure to highlight issues that greatly affect our area. Neighboring townships do this now and I would like to follow suit. Of course, I would also look to start an email group list in the event there was an upcoming vote on something outside of the Township’s eblast system that I would want my constituents aware of. Additionally, as in neighboring townships, I will work to strengthen social media and an alert system for the Police Department. I know that our Police are of the county’s finest, but I believe a key to what is missing is communication with the community. I would like to see the gap bridged and bring us closer as a community. I believe this will also serve as a better way to alert the community to break-ins, vandalism and other crimes without the community having to rely on other social media or talk among neighbors.

What is your full time job?

I work for the country’s Premiere Retail Supply Chain Management Company. Does that sound exciting? I tried really hard to make that sound exciting. What I do is killer boring. Basically, you walk into a larger retail chain in the mall. Anything they need to do business that they “use up,” we supply. So – pens, register tape, packaging, right down to toilet paper. Ahhh yeah. I’m in New Business Development and we work with all the big guys, so it’s not that I don’t get to have fun and go great places. It’s just that selling toilet paper and trashcan liners isn’t the most exciting talk at Happy Hour with the girls.

There are plenty of upsides though. My corporate office is in Minneapolis, MN so I am headquartered out of my home. I travel on occasion but not nearly as much as I used to. I left my dream job 3 years ago for this one. It was time to settle down and it was a great offer. I miss the “lifestyle” of having a career that involved working in NYC a few days a week and traveling the world. But now I get to start dinner every night and can manage a load or two of wash a day…fun! But seriously, I am so fortunate to be home and settled and it does afford me the availability to consider running for Commissioner. Having my previous job would never have allowed me this opportunity. I do rely a lot more on my friends and neighbors for a little relief from the “office” as it is just my home. I find myself running outside for a break when my two little buddies across the street (Charlie and Will) come out for their afternoon romp. Suddenly I’m 8 again. They are outside!! Yay!!

Do you volunteer?

I am currently a member of the Oreland Lions. I can’t say enough about this organization. This group of people do so much for this township, it’s really incredible. They meet 2x a month at Phil’s Tavern, some Lions are at every meeting, some not many meetings at all. But they all will show up at events and put in their share to do whatever it takes to pull it off. And they just do it for you. You, the citizen of Oreland, Flourtown, Erdenheim or Wyndmoor. They do it for the love of just doing it. They are a magical group of people. I’m a member and sure I help and do as well, but I am not fit to be in the league of some of these people yet. I have about 20-25 years before I’m there.

© 2015 - www.chorusphotography.comOn the Personal Side…

Do you support any causes or non-profit organizations?

Teenage suicide is a big cause for me. I struggled most of my life with depression, as it is something that runs in my family and has for generations. I believe in any cause that will encourage speaking out about Teenage Suicide, the warning signs and how to cope. I think it is so important. I also think Shane’s Kindness might be one of the best kinds of things to come out of such a tragedy. The feeling I get when I think how much this organization has given back and the feeling of love they have bestowed on so many when all hope was lost, it makes my heart smile. My husband and I support Shane’s Kindness every year.
Every year we also sponsor a family at Christmas time. Sometimes they are from Philadelphia but recently had the opportunity to help some families from around here.

Why did you choose to live in Springfield?

I was living in Northern New Jersey and working in New York. My husband was born and raised here and we decided we would come back. It was the perfect distance from Philadelphia and the perfect distance to the turnpike. The schools were great and we had gotten a great fixer upper with more space than we thought we would have ever been able to afford!

What’s your favorite thing about Springfield?

There’s so much to love about Springfield. But really I love the neighborhood aspect of it all. I grew up in Roxborough and when I was in 8th grade moved to North Wales. There was zero of that neighborhood feel that I had experienced growing up. I’m so glad to have that for my family here. I love where we live in Oreland and I’m not sure you can get this feeling anywhere in such a safe neighborhood with such great schools. We are so fortunate.

Do you have a favorite local business?

It has to be the Farmers Market. So much to love there. It’s my go to spot for weekend entertaining or just an amazing meal. You can’t go wrong. Cheeses, wings, guacamole. Ask Karla or Andrea to make you toast and boiled water. Go ahead. It will be the best Toast and boiled water you’ve ever had. Ever.

Do you have a favorite event in Springfield?

I absolutely love the 4th of July Parade. It is magic, Mayberry Style. I brought my 2 sisters-in-law one year and they loved it. They still talk about it. I also love the last day that Oreland Swim Club is open. I’ve missed the past 2 years because of weather but I know the 2 families that are always there, no matter what. It is a great time and a great way to end the pool season.

CathieCashmanWithLucasWhat do you like to do in your free time?

I love being with people. So, if I have free time, I’m looking for someone to be with. There isn’t a girl from the age of 4 and up in my life that hasn’t gotten their nails done with me. I’m surrounded by boys so I like to build my girls network. I start them early. I will need them for nursing home visiting days, right? I do have my 2 grandsons that I adore silly and my time with them is a treasure. The oldest, Ryan, (I am Gambermom) we are planning our next ‘venture which will involve a very fast red train to ride on. I love my nieces to pieces and we are regularly planning excursions up to and including a yearly trip to New York for lunch and a show with Aunt “Cack.” This will be the 8th year and Alaadin is on the docket.

The friends I’ve made in the 19075 have been amazing. I’ve met women who will not only fight FOR me, but will fight WITH me and while both are amazing, there is a difference. I’m so blessed for all this community has given me, truly. I am a better person for ending up here.

What superpowers would you choose if you could choose one?

I’ve wanted to be asked this question forever; to freeze time and the ability to wake up who you want. Period. End. I only have boys, so this has been discussed. It’s the best. I win.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Hello? To freeze time.

Have you traveled internationally? If so which country was your favorite?

I have been so unbelievably fortunate to have traveled a lot. Mostly on someone else’s dime. I’ve been to Switzerland many times, France, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Japan. While in Japan I got to meet my second cousins- ½ Irish, ½ Japanese. It was amazing. I travelled the Caribbean pretty extensively as well. I loved Paris and hope someday to go back. But I have to say, I just absolutely loved Cabo San Lucas. I was always a little bit more of a “go somewhere to get some culture” kind of person but Cabo was just outstanding. I adored it and just found it to be the best place on earth.

Where have you travelled in the US? Which location is your favorite?

I’ve done a pretty solid job seeing the US. You know that saying: “Home is where the Heart is?” I feel that way for domestic travel as well. My favorite locations are where I can see the people I love and miss. There are a few hearts in LA that I would love to see right now. But a big heart and probably my favorite place to go in the US is Miami. Purely because my Cuban “sister” lives there. It’s a home away from home for me, and actually for my son Dalton and husband as well. But for me, when I am with my friend Maria, it is just like being with my sister and we can sit and laugh for hours on end. So Miami, definitely Miami.

What’s something you can’t live without?

I go through spurts on this one. But right now for sure my answer is Diet Coke with Lime. Ugh.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Cathie Cashman. To follow her campaign join her Facebook Group, Cashman for Commissioner Ward 3.