Concerns Over Development in Springfield’s Panhandle

TreeLeavesThe section of our Township called the Springfield Panhandle faces a re-zoning proposal for a key property called the Tecce tract. The Tecce tract occupies 42 acres in the heart of the Panhandle. Its owner, Mr. Fred Tecce, has submitted a proposal to rezone part of the property from residential to institutional.

What is the Springfield Panhandle?

The Panhandle is a unique and remote part of our Township that comes from a quirk of history:

On Holme’s map of original surveys this township is marked “Guliema Maria Penn’s Manner of Springfield,” and according to the Penn manuscripts contained four thousand and ten acres… It is a tradition that Maria Penn requested that when it was laid out a strip should be attached to it leading to the Schuylkill, so that forever afterwards she or her successors should have the privilege, whenever they desired, to reach the river by their own land.
-From History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (1884) by Theodore Weber Bean

This strip of land became part of Springfield, and to this day, remains somewhat untouched by the dense buildings and roads that surround it.

How to Get Involved…

We suggest you review the video and link below to get a feel for the residents’ view of the proposal, and talk with your commissioner to get their view. Then, attend the public hearing regarding the proposal on Wednesday, June 11th at 8pm at the Township Building.

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Below is a video detailing the story of neighborhood group’s struggle and a link to their website with more ways to get information:

Thanks go to Brennan Preine for sharing this information with us and our readers.