Crisis Catering: Meal Assistance At a Critical Time

TakeoutFoodHave you ever needed a last minute meal for a friend or family in crisis, or just home from the hospital? Well, let the Crisis Catering ministry of the Church of St. Philip in the Fields in Oreland come to the rescue.

This program provides individual portion meals to households experiencing a sudden emergency. It is not intended as long-term support but to provide immediate assistance, giving people time to make longer term arrangements if necessary. Some examples of needs might be:

  • unexpected hospitalization
  • illness or injury of the primary caregiver in the house
  • illness in the extended family that require the primary caregiver to be away from home for a time

These are just some examples. If you are experiencing a household crisis that makes meal preparation a challenge, they want to be of service.

Meals are prepared using little salt, but no other dietary restrictions are observed. If you have special dietary needs, however, please make them known and they will probably be able to accommodate you. Meals on hand (frozen) are prepared with adults in mind, but they can make family style meals as well.

The meals are provided free of charge (although donations are welcome) and may be delivered to your home or picked up by appointment. Please call the church office at 215-233-0409.

This contact information will have a permanent home on our Resources page under the Support Services section.