Dan Helwig, Inc. Realtors – Local Business

mandyhelwigphoto3Mandy Helwig is the owner of Dan Helwig, Inc. Realtors. She is a new mom and a nature-loving Rotarian who loves her community, and is active in it.

Mandy is a second-generation business owner. Her father, Dan Helwig, has been in the industry for over 40 years and moved his offices to Flourtown in 1976. Business back then was very local, homes were marketed on cards and books dropped off to local agencies. As a kid, Mandy was around for all the transitions from the dial-up databases the modern day real estate portals. She has seen the industry change with the introduction of consumer-based internet search capabilities like Zillow and to the movement from paper to digital transactions. Even though Mandy has only been selling for about 14 years, she has grown up watching the industry transform.

We asked her to answer some of our questions, and below are her responses:

What makes your business different?

For many years we have been courted by larger franchises. They recognize we fill a niche geographically. Even during the recession of 2008 on, our small office survived while larger offices closed their doors. I attest that to the loyalty of our clients, repeat clients and referrals they give. As a family run, local business, I truly want every client to know they are a priority. Not just another transaction like larger offices. I want to be an independent. I want to be able to be the local realtor who supports the Little League each year, donates to local fundraisers, and participates in local groups and township affairs to shape and grow my community without the supervision of a larger entity putting any more pressure on me than I already put upon myself to succeed.

Why should people use your services?

I think if you talk to any of my past clients, they will highly recommend me and it’s because of my thoroughness. I want my clients to trust me, and that’s important when one is advising someone on the largest financial and emotional decision, the sale or purchase of a new home. I think my reviews on Zillow will give a consumer a good idea of my work ethic and negotiation skills.

mandyhelwigphoto2What is one thing you’re known for, or do really well?

Paperwork. I pride myself on being a perfectionist. I like to make sure all parties know exactly where they are in the transaction beginning to end. Depending on the generation of the client, this could be consistent phone calls, mail, email, text, or online document rooms accessible 24/7. Its whatever works best for the client and it’s what is most important to them in the transaction.

Why did you choose to work and live in Springfield?

My grandfather built homes in the area when he moved here from Germany. My father grew up over off Willow Grove Avenue in one of those homes. Though I grew up out in Skippack Twp, every Saturday as a kid, and more so when I was working though college, I would come to Flourtown. It was always my second home. I officially moved into my first apartment around 2003 in Flourtown and the rest is history. I love the walkability, the proximity to Parks, to the City. Its the geographical center of the universe to me!

Any advice for new business owners or entrepreneurs?

My advice for business owners in Springfield Twp is to get to know the residents and what’s important to them. Our community has a culture of generationalism. What I mean by that is that generations of families tend to stay here, and even if they move away then tend to get sucked back in. Word travels fast in circles, everyone knows everyone else. Its a tight nit community so get involved and embrace that.

How many employees do you have?

I technically have 2 employees. My Secretary who is 5th generation Springfield Family and her son who is my fathers part-time assistant since he is in college. I have about 20 agents who are considered independent contractors. Most of them are part-time agents, but I have a dedicated number of full time agents who extremely experienced. If they want, you can always work with me, the Broker of Record, or Dan Helwig too. He’s 71 and still works 6 days a week full-time.

On the Personal Side…

What do you love about Springfield?

If you ask anyone who truly knows me, I’m all about Springfield. I have been on the Planning Commission since 2008, I have been on the Board of the Historical Society since 2012, and I have been a Rotarian since 2004. Through these organizations I’ve done so much to shape my community from the Comprehensive Plan a vision of 2025, to renovating the Flourtown War Memorial, to my design for the Rotary Banners that now hang on all the Township Light Standards.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

That’s tough! I love the chicken soup at Scoogi’s. It reminds me of my grandmother, and their Caprese Salad rocks. But I regularly order from my friends at South Ocean, yes, I’m a sushi lover for sure!

Do you have a favorite event in Springfield?

I love the Carnival that my Rotary Club puts on every June and the Free Firework Show we put on for our community.

mandyhelwigphoto1What’s one thing you would like to see in the future for this township?

I’d like to see the vision of traffic calming initiated on Bethlehem Pike. Tens of thousand of dollars were raised by Flourtown Erdenheim Enhancement Association (FEEA) to come up with a proposal with PennDot to take Bethlehem Pike down to two lanes with a turning lane in the middle and street parking. It also calls for cutting down curbs and making pedestrian and bike improvements. Believe it or not, the plan will help move traffic safely and more efficiently through town. That’s a dream I’d like to see come true for my community.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I just got married a little over a year ago and we have a 4 month old. So when I’m done work, my first goal is to get home to her. I enjoy camping, travel, wine, puzzles, drawing/painting, reading, and scary movies, though I cover my face most of the time.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I guess I would say that I can wiggle my ears :)

Which was your favorite international travel destination?

My favorite trip that’s a tie: Austria. I traveled up and down both sides of the Danube Rive with my grandmother, aunt and uncle. It was an amazing trip with scenic beauty and gracious people. I also did rain forest research in Costs Rica in college, netting birds, following monkey troops, catching butterflies and bats at night. Did I mention I was a biologist before I was a realtor?

Which U.S. location was your favorite to visit?

I’ve been to almost every state in the Unites States and most of the Canadian Provinces. If I were to say I have a favorite, it would probably be Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Everyone should visit there once in their life.

What’s something you can’t live without?

Amazon Prime App. As a new mom, how awesome is Buy Now with One Click? I never need to leave the house for anything!

Do you volunteer?

If you ask any of my friends,I volunteer too much. Rotary, Board of Realtors for Montgomery County, Montgomery County Bar Liaison Committee, Historical Society, Planning Commission, Historic Bethlehem Pike Charity Giveback Program, and so much more!

Do you support any causes or non-profit organizations?

I support all the organizations I volunteer for, and in addition PennEnvironment, For Pete’s Sake, ALS Association, and more. My largest most dedicated contribution though is to the Rotary Foundation and the fight to end Polio.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know another local business. For more information on how to contact Mandy, see her page in our Directory.