East Mill Road Opening Early

ConstructionSignsFollowing a four-month construction project to replace the bridge over the Sunnybrook Creek, East Mill Road, between Church Road and Bethlehem Pike, will be re-opened to motor vehicle traffic beginning Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 3 PM.

Construction of the new bridge span began August 12 and was expected to last through the end of the year. However, the township’s contractor, Buckley & Company of Philadelphia PA, was able to achieve substantial completion of the project approximately 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

In addition to the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge deck, piers and foundation, the project also involved the relocation of public water and sanitary sewer lines beneath the bridge. Landscaping and painting activities will occur when weather is more conducive for these activities.

The Springfield Township Board of Commissioners wishes to thank motorists for their patience throughout the construction process.