End Junk Mail with this FREE App

PaperKarmaCatalogs, credit card applications, magazines, coupons, fliers, and even the Yellow Pages flood our mailbox daily.  We just discovered a solution that couldn’t be easier, and it is FREE…PaperKarma.

Simply download this app to your smartphone (it’s available on iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones), input a few necessary details like your name, address and email address and snap away.  You need to take the picture to include your name, address and company name then PaperKarma will use this information to instantly submit a removal request on your behalf.  They have built a massive database of company information.  If they don’t know about the company already, their database discovers what they need to know, automatically.

PaperKarma1We took photos of 22 pieces of junk mail in the last week.  A great feature is the Request Status button so you can keep track of the companies you have submitted to and the status of your cancel request.  19 out of 22 of our requests are already marked successful with 3 pending.  Not bad for 3 minutes of work.  We were too lazy and busy to unsubscribe to each company individually so now our recycling bin just got lighter, and we did our small part to become more “green” and environmentally conscience.