What is Everyday Springfield?

Check out our About page.

How do I sign up for the email Newsletter?

  1. Fill out our Sign Up Form with your email and name
  2. Check your email inbox
  3. Confirm by clicking the link in the email, and you’re all set.

How often do you send the email Newsletter?

Right now it’s monthly. We may do it up to twice a month, if the people demand it. However, we’d rather not be spammers, and let people check the website at their leisure.

How do I advertise with Everyday Springfield?

Simple, check out our options and prices on our Advertise page and send us a note via our Contact Us page. We will follow up and provide the details.

What are the advertising options?

See our Advertise page for details.

How do I submit an event?

Easy, just hit up our Submit an Event page and fill in as much detail as you can about the event (what, where, when, who, price/free, contact information, website, etc). If it’s appropriate, we’ll post it.

What is an appropriate event?

Our events calendar is intended to share Springfield-based, community events. We will consider posting events related to fundraisers, sports, family fun, club meetings and other cool things to do in the area. We are willing to do this for free up to 2 events per year per organization.

How do I contribute an article for the website?

We are always looking for news items or interesting things to share with our neighbors in Springfield. If you want to contribute an article for the site, Contact Us, and let us know what you’d like to contribute. If we think it’s appropriate, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame!

I noticed you’re missing a resource on your site, how do I let you know?

We do not pretend to know everything about Springfield, so if you think we’re missing something crucial in our Resources section, or someplace else, please let us know via our Contact Us page. We’ll gladly add something you think is useful to our neighbors in Springfield.

I wish the site had …, or I’ve got a cool idea for …

We want this website to be for the people, by the people. We’ll make our best attempt to add some functionality to the site if you, and others, think it is useful. Send us a note on our Contact Us page.