NurturMe Baby Food: Reviews by Springfield Moms

NurturMePackNurturMe is a brand of organic, dried foods made to provide good nutrition to children in convenient, creative ways. We tried a few samples and loved it, so we wanted to see if others liked it as well. NurturMe graciously provided us with the samples, so we asked 6 moms to try them and tell us what they really thought. Each reviewer was given a sample of Yum-A-Roos (a resealable snack pouch of dehydrated fruit and vegetables) and two packets of Nurtur Meals (powdered vegetables and fruit).

Check out the informative, and sometimes humorous, reviews below:

I was given the banana and the carrot, raisin and sweet potatoes samples. I and my daughter enjoyed them very much! I was very pleasantly surprised about how they tasted, after they were prepared, because initially the smell was different than I expected. I also enjoyed how diverse they were in terms of what I could mix with them to prepare.

They are easy to throw in the diaper bag, don’t take up a lot of space, and are very easy to prepare. I absolutely loved how natural they were, compared to the jarred foods that are bought in the store. Coming from a mom that makes all of her baby’s food, this is an absolute excellent alternative for those times on the go or when I run out of time to prepare food. Thank you also for the reusable pouch! It is also a space saver and very easy to clean and transport. Thanks again! Looking forward to trying more foods in the future!
– Elaine D.

NurturMeNurturMealsThank you so much for the opportunity to try the baby food samples! The dried fruit/veggie snacks did not even make it home. My kids ate the whole packet in the car! They enjoyed all the fruits and veggies. However, they did end up “playing” with, and not eating, a lot of the peas in the mix. One night, I mixed the plump peas powder into the kids mac-n-cheese and they had no idea. They enjoyed their dinner and got added veggies! I plan to try the other pouch soon with my infant. Thank you so much!
– Kathryn C.

I added the Scrumption squash to Velveeta Mac-n-cheese. My 15-month-old ate it, didn’t seem to mind the smell, taste or texture change. My 3-year-old took one bite and spit it out. I thought it changed the texture of the Mac-n-cheese. Instead of being smooth, it was more grainy. It seemed to have a distinct odor. I might have been able to better disguise this if I had made a bigger portion of the Mac-n-cheese.

We also had the Caribbean crop Yum-A-Roos. My 15-month-old spit it out. I thought my 3-year-old would like the peas, and I lured him in by telling him this is what astronauts eat. He didn’t enjoy the taste. He did come back and pick out the fruit flavored pieces and ate them. My 4-year-old tried said not bad, but he didn’t want anymore. My 6-year-old barely got it in her mouth before she spit it out. But she is six and dramatic.
– Kati D.

We received samples of 1) Happy Harvest, 2)Peas, Quinoa and Apples and 3) sweet potato powder. My son loved the sweet potatoes when I mixed it with some water. He devoured the Happy Harvest mix as well. I think that was his favorite! He didn’t seem to care for the peas, quinoa and apples mix as much though. He would only eat a bite or two.

Overall, I really like the concept of these products. Especially the powders that you can add to just about anything. This is such a quick and easy way to add some extra nutrition into my toddler’s diet!
– Joy A.

NurturMeYumARoosThe first of the foods I tried with my daughter (at the time was 13 months) was the bountiful bites! I love the packaging because it is small and the top is resealable. I could throw it in my purse or diaper bag and not worry about them spilling out or being too bulky, like some other baby food companies packaging.

The pieces inside the bag were apples, bananas and broccoli. The two fruits my daughter had already, but I thought this is a great way to introduce a veggie to her that most kids don’t like. Well, she loved it! The pieces were small and soft and I didn’t have to worry about her choking on anything too big. She really enjoyed this snack and the bag was empty within two days!

The next two things we tried were the apple crisp and scrumptious squash powdered mixes. Neither package when opened had an over-powering smell which I thought was a plus. The first one I tried was the crisp apple. I put the pouch into some plain vanilla yogurt and mixed it up. The apple mixture was very noticeable and added a “grainy” texture to the yogurt. It was not clumpy and mixed in fine. My daughter would not try it, would not even let the spoon in her mouth, I assume because she noticed it looked different. I tried it myself. The yogurt had a non-overpowering apple taste to it, but I could also feel the “graininess” from the pouch. I did not particularly like the texture the apple mixture added to the yogurt.

When I opened the squash pouch I noticed it was not “grainy” and more of a powder. Because I thought the apple pouch had a lot more in it than I should have added to the yogurt, I decided to split the squash between two dishes. I put half in mashed potatoes and half in Mac-and-cheese. They mixed easily and smoothly. The mashed potatoes turned yellowish but my daughter ate them without noticing. She ate all the potatoes as well as the Mac-and-cheese with the squash mixed in.

I think these pouches are a great way for parents to add fruits and veggies to their children’s diets if they don’t eat them already. My daughter loves her fruits and veggies so I won’t be needing to buy these pouches. I will however buy some bountiful bites to have as snacks on the go!
– Kristin V.

My twins loved the food. They especially loved the freeze dried fruit. We will definitely have to get that one again.
– Theresa M.

If these reviews enticed you to buy NurturMe products, the are available online and at many retail stores and websites.

Everyday Springfield received NO compensation for this article, only the samples to provide to our reviewing moms.