Prevent Unwanted Solicitation

NoSolicitingTired of people continually knocking on your door at the most inconvenient times, and begging for your personal information? It seems as though more and more solicitors are coming to our doors in Springfield and asking for private information. In case you didn’t know, Springfield Township requires all solicitors and peddlers to seek a license permitting them to solicit in the township. There is a simple way to make it stop.

Take Action

Sign up for the township’s Do Not Solicit registry:

  1. Print this form, fill it out, and drop it off at the Township Police Department
  2. Get a No Soliciting sticker for your front door

Practice Good Safety

Ask for credentials, and verify them by calling the company they represent, especially if they are asking for any private information. Don’t use the number they give you, find the appropriate number online or in the phone book. PECO does NOT sell door to door. Verizon and Comcast do occasionally, but it’s best to purchase their services online, or through a customer service rep on their main sales phone number. They will always offer you the same deal the person at the door is promising.

Do NOT give them personal information or copies of bills that may have personally identifiable information (PII).

Check for a Township Solicitation License and call the township police (215-836-1600) if they don’t provide one.


A copy of the Springfield Township Solicitation License. Look for this as part of the credentials of the solicitor.

Warn elderly neighbors that can be easily fooled by fraudulent solicitors. Maybe even help them sign up for the registry.

Pay attention to the time. Peddling and soliciting is prohibited on Sundays, and is restricted to the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays


The only organizations exempt from the Township Solicitation License are those registered as charities with the State of Pennsylvania. Search the Pennsylvania Charities Online Database to find out if the person at your door, claiming to be from a charitable organization, is legit.