Serenity at Sandy Run Park

Sandy Run Park Lake

Sandy Run Park, at the bottom of Walnut Avenue in Oreland, is a surprisingly beautiful, serene place to go for fishing, reading, or just relaxing.


The park is about 14 acres. Most of those are taken up by the beautiful lake, which used to be a quarry. There is a small, floating, fenced-in, fishing pier connected to a wide paved area. Connecting this area with the football-field-sized meadow is a small bridge that overlooks a shallow section of the lake. Between the meadow and the parking area is a small paved trail, with a couple benches.

What to do

It is certainly a good place to fish, but is also a great place to bring a portable chair and just enjoy the quiet view with your coffee, and a book or newspaper. The meadow is great place to have a spontaneous game of soccer, football, or tag. It’s also a good place to walk the dog. There is an emergency call box, portable lavatory, trash cans, as well as pet litter bags to keep the park free of droppings.

Walking to the park is not recommended because Walnut has no sidewalks and just enough room for two vehicles passing each other, but there is ample parking.

We hope you take advantage of this hidden gem in our township.