Trinity Church shifts meeting time and place

BibleHandsTrinity Church, one of our sponsors, is moving its meeting time and place. The church now convenes weekly at 4pm at 405 Easton Rd in Willow Grove. Below is a message from Kayla, a member of the Trinity family. It provides a glimpse of what Trinity Church is all about.

Message from Kayla…

We have our favorite TV families – the ones we feel connected to and part of. Maybe Lorelei and Rory (Gilmore Girls) come to mind quickly. Maybe it’s Raymond and Deborah (Everybody Love Raymond), or The Braverman’s (Parenthood), or the Bluth’s (Arrested Development). The comedic dysfunction of these televised families is relatable, therapeutic even.

From our couches we receive an invitation to their everyday lives. We witness hurt, joy, defeat, trials, illness, death, and life. Both the shining moments and the dark are intertwined to mirror our real lives. And if we’re not careful, we soon find ourselves convinced that they’re not characters at all but actual members of a very real family that we’re very much a part of.

You see, we’re drawn to the idea of family. We seek after that sense of belonging that on-screen families portray. We watch the very worst things: cancer, divorce, betrayal, financial ruin, criminal sentences, miscarriage. And we see the very best of things: acceptance, forgiveness, healing, new life, restoration. From our couches we weep and we celebrate; we relate. To the brokenness and the broken put back together, we very much relate.

This is why I stopped thinking of church as a place I go to once a week. It’s why church had to stop being a building I could walk in and out of. It’s why I started thinking about church as family. And it’s why Jesus lived his time on Earth being family with the people around him and commissioned them to do the same.

DadAndSonChurch is family: a group of messy people with all their joys and all their sorrows, who choose to be irrevocably connected to one another not by birth but by the blood of Jesus.

This is different. It catches my attention, makes me lean in. A family where acceptance, forgiveness, healing, new life, and restoration are real for you and me. A family that has promises of new life and eternal life. A family committed to knowing what the Bible has to say about life and choosing to live it out. A family wanting to extend invitations to one another for real, genuine relationship.

Trinity Church is a young group of Christians living out the gospel of Jesus in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Each Sunday we gather. And throughout the week, we get together in groups to share meals and study the Bible in our homes.

For the past four years, our hub has been in the Fort Washington/Flourtown area; but this fall we’re excited to announce that our afternoon Sunday Gathered location is moving to Willow Grove. Our community groups meet in different neighborhoods such as Mt. Airy, Flourtown, Wyndmoor, Oreland, Abington, and Willow Grove. We’re passionate about people because God is passionate about people; and we care about the neighborhoods north of Philadelphia because this is our home.

We think church works better when it’s less of a service to go to and more of a family to be part of. We’re trying to be a group of people who talk less about religious things and more about Jesus. And we’d love to have you join us.

-Kayla McPherson (Part of the Trinity Church family)

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