We need your help to build a FREE local babysitting list

babysittingtoysWe’ve been hearing a lot lately that families have been looking for babysitters. So we decided to build a place on our site to have a permanent list of local babysitters.

Do you have a babysitter in your family, or know a family that does? Have them check out our Babysitters page, then signup with our babysitting form. They’ll get posted on our site for local families to use, for FREE!


Parents of babysitters: First off, talk with you son or daughter about babysitting and the importance of responsibility and safety. The list will be published online for the world to see, but really our site only pertains to Springfield residents.

We will make sure that only the minimum amount of information about them will be on our site. We simply show their first name and last initial, and anything they choose to write in their bio, under your supervision. You will be the contact for them if they are a minor, or you can choose to be, even if they’re not a minor.

Babysitters: Talk with your parents about babysitting and the importance of responsibility and safety. If they agree to our terms on our signup form, then your mini ad will be published on our site.


Simply fill out our signup form together with your child to register them as a babysitter.

We’ll review each submission to make sure it’s appropriate, and post it on our site. It will stay there until we are asked to remove it, until the babysitter hits the maximum age, or if we receive a report of a problem.

Then, local families will browse the babysitter list when they need a babysitter. Viewers will be able to see all babysitters, grouped by local towns, and review some details about each babysitter to see if they match up with the preferences of your child. Hopefully, they’ll consider your child and contact you to follow-up.

Below is a sample babysitter listing:

Sample A.


I am a freshman at Springfield and have been babysitting since I was 12.
AGE: 19
AVAILABILITY: Weekday afternoons, Weeknights, Weekend Mornings, Weekend Afternoons, Weekend Nights
AGE PREFERENCES: Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, Pre-teens
WILL DO: Change Diapers, Feed Children, Fold Children Laundry, Dishwashing
WON'T DO: Fold Adult laundry
CURFEW: 11pm


PARENT: Nicole A.
PHONE: 215-555-1212
TOWN: Erdenheim