Springfield Township Move Updates

Springfield Township Administration and Police Departments will begin moving their operations to alternate locations in order for construction activities to commence at the existing municipal campus…

Ticks before and after feeding

Helpful Tick Information

We’ve got all the info you need about ticks, including prevention tips, a removal video, and a recipe for a home-made insect repellant…


More Aqua road closures

This week State Rep. McCarter alerted us to more water main replacement work by Aqua Pennsylvania starting on July 6th…


Beware of bogus IRS calls

With the height of tax season upon us, the IRS says hundreds of thousands of taxpayers in almost every state have been the target of a phone scam…


Aqua Pennsylvania starting local water main work

Aqua Pennsylvania will be replacing existing water mains in Springfield Township, which will affect customers and residents along a few major roads. The new water mains will increase service reliability, reduce the potential for discolored water and improve firefighting capabilities in our area…