Get to Know


Dan DeCarlo – Commissioner Candidate

Dan DeCarlo is a very loving (and tall) husband, father, and coach. He is active in township issues and possesses the financial expertise to help make good fiscal decisions. He volunteers and coaches in our township, and now is running for Township Commission of Ward 7…

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Cathie Cashman – Commissioner Candidate

Cathie Cashman is a outgoing, friendly person who loves organizing involvement in this community. She helped start the Proud Parent movement in Springfield, and is now stepping up to run for Township Commissioner of Ward 3…


Beth Jacobsen School of Dance – Local Business

Beth Jacobsen is the dynamic, innovative, and passionate person behind her School of Dance. Starting out in the front porch studio in her childhood home, she has found the perfect home for the studio in Oreland. Beth loves NYC for its art influence, but loves to give back to the community that supports her business…


Arrow Martial Arts and Fitness – Local Business

This local, family-owned and operated martial arts school is owned by fun-loving dad, Tim Chewning and his wife, Lisa. The school’s goal is to improve our community by building strong character, improving overall health and creating athletes through a well-developed martial arts program…


Trinity Church – Local Church

Trinity Church is a new church now meeting in Fort Washington. Its Pastor, Mark Chripczuk, is kind, well-traveled and humorous, but is serious about building a sense of community at his church, and invites you to be a part of it…


Amy Ambler – Local Librarian

Amy Ambler is not only the children’s librarian at the Free Library of Springfield Township, but she is also a baseball-lover, Harry Potter geek, and children’s literacy advocate, who no longer takes indoor plumbing for granted…


Jerry Edwards – Local Paramedic

Jerry Edwards is the Deputy Chief of operations for Springfield Ambulance. He is a dedicated emergency responder with deep roots in Springfield Township. We asked him a few questions so others to get to know those involved with Emergency Medical Services.